"THE COLONEL" Bob Sheridan, Boxing Hall of Fame Celebrity Broadcaster

Those who watch the reruns on ESPN Classic of Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier III ("The Thrilla in Manila"), Ali-George Foreman ("The Rumble in the Jungle") and Buster Douglas' monumental upset of Mike Tyson, are listening to Sheridan's voice.

Colonel Bob Sheridan is an International celebrity having broadcast over 10,000 fights on radio and television, with over 900 world title fights in a career spanning parts of five decades from the late 1960's to the new millennium. Some of his accomplishments include:

Anchored the world feed of the first live heavyweight championship telecast—Foreman vs. Ali in the 1974 in the historic "Rumble in the Jungle"—in Zaire, Africa. This fight was telecast to an audience exceeding 1 billion people!

 Sheridan also commentated the first heavyweight fight out of the Philippines—"The Thrilla in Manila" featuring Ali vs. Frazier in 1975—Ring Magazine's "Fight of the Year."

Anchored the first live heavyweight title fight out of Japan, which was the upset of the century: Tyson vs. Douglas.

Commentated the first live telecast our of China on Showtime in 2000, which showcased Laila Ali's first televised fight (arranged by RBF Founder, Alex Ramos), followed by Andrew Golota in the main event.

Anchored the world feed of a fight with the largest live crowd in the history of boxing (135,000 live gate!!!), featuring Julio Caesar Chavez vs. Greg Haugen at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Colonel Bob Sheridan is an award winning broadcaster/commentator respected by the biggest names in boxing. He has been the witness to boxing history –from the ordinary to the extraordinary—and has shared what he has seen with millions of people around the world. According to his fans, Sheridan is candid yet respectful of the sport and the athletes who have paved the way for his position as "International Commentator Extraordinaire". Boxing fans are sure to know his voice, if not his face, because he is also the man who does the voice-overs for hundreds of the ESPN Classics.

Rafael By Dan Rafael

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